Hazmat is a 4-piece thrash metal outfit based in Sydney Australia featuring Jay (Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar), Duck (Lead Guitar), Caine (Drums/Vocals) and Stu (Bass/Vocals)
In the lead up to and following the release of their debut self titled album HAZMAT the band has performed extensively in the Sydney scene and toured both nationally and abroad.
In 2012 HAZMAT toured with Tim Ripper Owens, Heaven, Paul Di Anno and Blaze Bailey playing some of Australia’s best venues and hammering it out for the metal crowds in New Zealand.
HAZMAT the album has received extensive air play on metal radio programs and has sold well nationally and overseas.
Whilst not officially released as singles two tracks off the album are supported by film clips. The first LIFE and then the ANZAC tribute RAGGED BLOODY HEROES.
HAZMAT has just completed the recording of their second album ATONEMENT, HAZMAT are incorporating their new material into their shows as they continue to play nationally and prepare for more international touring.
Independent and unsupported HAZMAT continue to gain momentum at home and abroad with their relentless stage show and commitment to their breed of thrash metal music.